USVA Realty

Feb 4, 2020


In the last few years, especially in the Beaumont, TX area that we live in, we have seen many houses flood that have never flooded before.  People thought they were safe in their homes that had never seen flood water even come close. Many people knew they lived in low lying areas and had flood insurance.  However, many of the home owners in other areas had no flood insurance.

When you use a VA loan they may require you to get flood insurance.  Whether or not you are required to get flood insurance is determined by what flood Zone you live in.  If you live in Flood Zone A you will most likely be required to get flood insurance.  If you live in Flood Zone B.......probably not.  A homeowner that lives in Flood Zone C or X is usually not required to carry it.  TO determine what flood zone you are can be simply done by looking at the FEMA flood map page and entering your address.   This tool is handy in making some basic determinations about flood zones. However, your VA lender will most likely require an "Elevation Certificate" performed by a licensed land surveyor that will certify exactly what flood zone you are in.

Even if you aren't in a flood hazard area, my professional advice is to get flood insurance.  It seems that they rainfall amounts are changing in our area and flood insurance is a great safeguard against loss from a flood.  So how much is flood insurance?  If you aren't in a flood hazard area it usually isn't that expensive.  Typically $300-$400 dollars. It can be much more expensive if you live in a Hazard area or in a beach or coastal environment.

Most all flood insurance policies are written by FEMA and sold through most all neighborhood insurance companies.

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